The Nova Group’s market research offerings are centered around customer-based market insights that are fully integrated with our clients’ marketing and strategic priorities.

We offer several customer-based strategic research services involvingquantitative design and analysis. Our specific areas of emphasis include market tracking, customer segmentation, pricing and product development.

Our team includes experienced moderators who specialize in qualitative methodology structured around in-depth interviews with physicians, major health care providers, and economic decision makers.

Each project includes research design, analysis and presentation, fielding and data delivery. Selected samples of our featured service offerings are as follows:

Pulse2Market™ offers rapid feedback directly from the market on product perceptions, marketing messages, sales force effectiveness, price, and competition and satisfaction levels. Typical Pulse2Market studies run quarterly, so clients can track changes over time and adjust product strategy and development. Recommended activities Pulse2Market include:

  • Ideation session to determine client needs, questions, and objectives
  • Research survey design and implementation, along with data compilation and coding
  • Analysis and summary of key findings
  • PowerPoint presentation including statistical analysis

Message2Market™combines in depth qualitative interviewing with structured quantitative research to explore, develop, and refine product positioning and message. Clients use Message2Market at pre-launch, roll-out following new indications or clinical trials, and in anticipation of new competition. Recommended activities for Message2Market include:

  • Exploratory qualitative research to investigate unmet needs, key product and market attributes, and optimal clinical messages
  • Structured quantitative survey to evaluate positioning and message elements among key decision makers across the country
  • Analysis and summary of key findings

Segment4Behavior™supplies behavioral segmentation of target users of therapeutic products. All findings are supported by rigorous statistical analysis and clinical insight. Clients use Segment4Behavior to design messages and programs that capture market share within each customer segment. Recommended activities for Segment4Behavior include:

  • Ideation session to determine client needs, questions and objectives
  • Research survey design and implementation
  • Data analysis and coding to include statistical significance analysis to identify distinct behavioral segments
  • Detailed segment profiling, product purchase and/or prescribing behavior, and other demographics
  • Final report to include plan for implementation of sales and marketing programs customized for customer segments

NovaFocus™provides clients with high quality, experienced clinical moderation. Our concentration in life sciences allows us to communicate consistently with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare decision makers. Recommended activities for NovaFocus include:

  • Ideation session with client team, plus colleagues from clinical, R&D, finance, and other departments critical to the project
  • In depth review of clinical background as well as previous market research to “know what the client knows” and maximize qualitative research time
  • Professional, expert medical moderating, in person or by telephone
  • In depth discussion and analysis, including final report and presentation